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Important DOT Updates

DOT Update 1

At the end of April, DOT will begin median construction, switching traffic to the outside lane, East of Wilson’s Mills Road to Turnage Road.


DOT Update 2

Access to Uzzle Industrial Drive via US 70 Hwy will be closed, March 25, 2024 (weather dependent). A new service road from Sadisco Road to Strickland Road will open to access this area.


DOT Update 3

The on ramp from Swift Creek Road to US 70 East will open towards the beginning of May 2024.


DOT Update 4

Completion of the interchange at Wilson’s Mills Road and US Hwy 70 will be completed by September 2024. This includes shifting US Hwy 70 traffic onto the new bridges and removing traffic lights at the future on & off ramps onto Wilson’s Mills Road.


DOT Update 5

Final Paving and Pavement Marking Completion by Spring 2025

Flatiron intends to begin final pavement & markings on all service roads within the next 2 months, then moving to sections of US Hwy 70 as they become ready.