Johnston County Water Treatment Plant temporarily stop of ammonia

Part of our Wilson's Mills district will be affected by this process change. The following advisory has been issued from the Town of Clayton:

"Beginning today (March 1) the Johnston County Water Treatment Plant will temporarily stop feeding ammonia with chlorine for disinfection and start feeding chlorine only for all Johnston County water customers, which will affect Town of Clayton customers (except for the Riverwood Athletic Club area). 

The Town of Clayton purchases water from the Johnston County Water Treatment Plant, which is why our customers are affected by this process change. If you have any concerns or need additional information, please contact Town of Clayton Water Resources Department at 919-553-1530. 

State and federal regulations require that all public water systems feed chlorine only for at least three weeks each year to ensure that no bacteria are present which may have adapted to the ammonia in the water.  

Customers that use kidney dialysis machines should be aware that the water will contain more chlorine for about five weeks and will return to a chlorine and ammonia mixture on or about April 3, 2023.  The chlorine only water can be toxic to tropical fish.  Most customers will not notice a difference in their water, but some may detect a chlorine odor and might observe a slight color change.  The County will also conduct flushing of the Johnston West water distribution system during this period to speed the removal of chloramines from the system.  The flushing process may result in some minor and temporary discoloration of water that does not affect water quality.  If any related issues cannot be cleared by flushing the lines inside your home, please call 919-553-1530."

Clayton water plant