Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement

The Planning Department is responsible for current and long-range planning efforts, as well as Code Enforcement. Current planning involves projects related to zoning, development review, as well as various permits and other activities, while long-range planning involves implementing a vision for how the Town wants to grow in the future. Long-range plans and strategies are developed and implemented to help make that vision a reality.

Our Planning Technician is responsible for reviewing plans and interacting with developers to ensure all ordinances are followed. The Planning Technician is the initial contact for the Planning Department and works with the Development Compliance Officer to ensure that all development is in alignment with the Unified Development Ordinances. The Planning Technician also accepts and processes various applications within the Planning Department as well as contact for the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. 

Our Code Enforcement Officer/Permit Technician is a combined position with the Town. As Code Enforcement Officer they help address concerns about unsafe, unhealthy, or unsightly conditions in homes, neighborhoods and the entire community. The Permit Technician accepts and processes zoning applications and completes inspections before certificate of occupancy is issued.  The Town's Municipal, Zoning and Housing Ordinances contain community standards that will help enhance the quality of life and aesthetics of our community. Through enforcement of these ordinances and with community awareness and involvement, Wilson's Mills can be a place everyone feels proud to call home.

Planning Board


Wendy Oldham, CZO

Development Compliance Officer

919-938-3885 ext. 22

Leigh Hartley

Planning Technician

919-938-3885 ext. 25

Cynthia Paul

Code and Zoning Enforcement Officer